360 Turbo Controller - 360 Auto Fire Controller
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As I'm sure you've already read, I am a software engineer (that's computer programmer), I graduated from Liverpool JM University a few years ago. After studying a number of programming languages and gaining the experience from working in the University labs, I finally made it out into the workplace.

The rapid fire mod kit was an idea I had a few years ago as my eldest son is disabled but loves to play video games. The problem was he could only use automatic weapons in FPS games because he hasn't got full mobility in some of his fingers. As you are probably aware in most games, the most powerful weapons are the manual ones. This put my son at a disadvantage that I though was unfair.

So I set about my journey taking apart the controllers and seeing what could be done. I won't bore you with the details of my journey, but suffice to say I wrote some code and put it onto a microchip and developed the controller you now see.

My son was impressed with the new controller and soon his friends wanted one and so here we are, we have now sold the most kits and controllers without having to resort to cheap gimmicks or tacky sales pledges. That's why were constantly at the top of google's searches and have customers coming back and buying for their friends & family.

We have exactly what we say. An undetectable rapid fire controller.
Developed by professionals
Installed by professionals
Played by winners

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