Rapid Fire Controller - Auto Fire Controller - Mod Kit
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Rapid Fire Controller

All our RAPID FIRE CONTROLLERS & Mod Kits are fully compatible with COD 4 , COD 5 & COD 6(Modern Warfare 2) LIVE & all other current Xbox Live Games!It's been designed to do one job and that's to fire as fast as possible !
No daft flashing lights or controlling other buttons

(they are just things to drain your battery faster and cause electrical faults)

I am the only person offering this chip with this wiring code for wireless controllers.
Other people have other MODS and use other codes and parts, but I have worked with a team of experts on this to develop this MOD. I myself have a degree in Software Engineering

Q: Are they legal ?

A: Yes, they are totally legal as they do not interfere with the game, software or any part of the Xbox console.

Q: Can I get kicked off Xbox live for having it and is it detectable ?

A: No it's not detectable, and you cannot get kicked off Xbox live unless you break the rules, the rapid fire button does not break the rules.

Q: Does it affect any other buttons ?

A: No, all the controller buttons do what they have always done, this is just an extra button under the controller that when pressed sends a activates the rapid fire unit and rapid pulse to the right trigger switch when the trigger is pressed
You can turn the rapid fire off or change the speed depending on what game you are playing

Q: Does it only work on shoot em up games ?

A: No, the button just makes your right trigger button fire many times per second, so it will work on most games were you need to press the right trigger lots of times



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